Ojisan ga Watashi no Koi wo Oen Shite Imasu (2022)

Ojisan ga Watashi no Koi wo Oen Shite Imasu (2022)

Other name: おじさんが私の恋を応援しています おじさんが私の恋を応援しています(脳内) Uncle Is Supporting My Love (In My Brain)


Matsuri Miyashita is an ordinary office lady (aka OL) with a crush on the handsome prince of a partner company.

Seiichiro Kiyokawa is an experienced salaryman with 30 years in the sales department, a devoted family man.

One day, the lives of these two unrelated people come together in an unfortunate way.

"Why is there a strange old man's voice inside my head?"

"Why do I look like a girl?"

A triangle love comedy between OL x salaryman x hunk.

Adapted from the manga "Ojisan ga Watashi no Koi wo Ouen Shite Imasu" (おじさんが私の恋を応援しています) by Jun Ino (井野ジュン).

Original Network: Tokyo MX;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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