Noukagaku Bengoshi Kaidou Azusa Doubt (2021)

Noukagaku Bengoshi Kaidou Azusa Doubt (2021)

Other name: 脳科学弁護士 海堂梓 ダウト Noukagaku Bengoshi Kaido Azusa Doubt No Kagaku Bengoshi Kaido Azusa Dauto Brain Science Lawyer Kaido Azusa Doubt


The story describes how Kaidou Azusa, a practising lawyer and a special appointment associate professor doing research on the brain's memories, is engaged to defend a woman Fuyukawa Sayaka accused of killing her sculptor husband and found to have two ex-fiances who also died mysteriously.

Original Network: TV Tokyo;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama; Law; Murder; Mystery;

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