Ngao Asoke 2008 (เงาอโศก)

Ngao Asoke 2008 (เงาอโศก)

Other name: Asoke's Shadow


The story starts when Monthai is going to live to Australia to pursue his study. He is from a rich family. His father was a womanizer, seen by the fact Monthai has a half brother from different mom. There was a maid's daughter name Lakkana who liked Monthai but Monthai already had fiancé, Viyada, a spoilt woman from a rich family. Monthai’s mother knew about Lakkana‘s love to Monthai so she mistreat her and make her suffer till she hang herself to death. Years later Monthai's mother is sick and the only way to recover is that Viyada take care of her. Viyada didn’t want to take care of her future mother in law so she sent her servent instead now Monthai coming back to Thailand, and when he saw Bpee replacing his fiancé he misunderstand her and treat her very badly. Will he ever find out the truth?

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2008

Genre: Drama; Historical; Romance;

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