Nang Sao Som Lon (2022)

Nang Sao Som Lon (2022)

Other name: นางสาวส้มหล่น


Just what Som was left with her aunt and uncle by her mother who went missing after dropping her at her aunt and uncle's house.

Suddenly being left with the baggage of a child that was not even theirs, her aunt and uncle raised her badly, neglecting her and abusing her. Still, she grew up to be a well-mannered girl.

Desiring to be self-sufficient, Som decided to learn about beauty and hair at a beauty Salon by a beautician there called Huay.

However, her uncle soon set her up to be sold to a millionaire.

In order to escape her sad fate, Som runs away with Huay. After which she is taken to a beauty pageant agency.

There she decides to enter many small beauty contests in order to obtain enough money to further her education, which will then enable her to join even bigger pageants.

While doing this, she also applies to work at a hotel, where she meets Sila — the handsome owner of the hotel.

The handsome owner who looks down on her because he believes her worth only lines in her beauty.

Original Network: Channel 7;

Director: Vee Veraparb Suparbpaiboon [วีรภาพ สุภาพไพบูลย์]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Novel; Romance;

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