My 20th Twenty (2023)

My 20th Twenty (2023)

Other name: 스나의 X같은무살 Seunaui Xgateunmusal My X Twenty My X-Like 20


So Won was born in 1981, so she should be in her forties now, but when she became twenty in 2000, she encountered a witch by chance. So Won was cursed by the witch because she turned down her favour. The curse was "to live as a twenty-year-old woman for the rest of her life." At first, she thinks it will be a blessing but soon suffers from the pain of losing her beloved ones and making no progress.

One day, So Won happens to spot the witch in a photo, so she heads to the resort in the photo's backdrop. To lift the curse, she sneaks in as a resort staff and meets Kang Hyun and Sang Wook there.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Musical; Web Series;

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