Mutual Redemption Love (2023)

Mutual Redemption Love (2023)

Other name: 撒野 Sa Ye Любовь как искупление


The drama revolves around Rong Yan and Tian You. Rong Yan sought revenge for his family brutally murdered by Lu Sheng, Tian You's father. Rong Yan married Lu Sheng to take revenge for the death of her family while Yun Mo, her friend, helped her in this revenge that had her family murdered by Lu Sheng.

Tian You ended up falling in love with Rong Yan while she tried to kill his father. The two begin to have a secret romance at his father's house while she pretends to be his stepmother.

Episodes: 30

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Revenge; Romance; Web Series;

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