More than Words (2022)

More than Words (2022)

Other name: モアザンワーズ Moazanwazu


The story revolves around two best friends, Mieko and Makio, who end up working a part-time job at the same place. At their new job, they meet a university student, Eiji, who ends up falling for Makio. Despite everyone around them being against the relationship, Mieko decides to watch over them as they grow, and their bonds and relationships gradually change.

Adapted from the manga series "More than Words" (モアザンワーズ) and "In the Apartment" by Etsuko (絵津鼓).

Original Network: Amazon Prime;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: BL; Drama; Friendship; Manga; Miniseries; Romance; Youth;

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