Misbehavior (2017)

Misbehavior (2017)

Other name: 여교사 Yeogyosa Female Teacher


Hyo Joo, a nontenured instructor at a boys’ high school, is assigned to a class of seniors as a Home Room teacher. She notices that a specialized dance student, Jae Ha, is absent from the self-study session, and finds him practicing refined dance movements in the gym. The next day, Hae Yeong, the school board chairman’s daughter, arrives as a tenured instructor, which was the position assumed to be offered to Hyo Joo. Hae Yeong, sweet and having grown up with no worries, treats Hyo Joo with affection, but Hyo Joo only gives her the cold shoulder. Then one day, Hyo Joo witnesses Hae Yeong and Jae Ha in the gym, locked in a passionate embrace, and from that moment on, she starts feeling an inexplicable sense of humiliation towards Hae Yeong while gradually falling under the influence of Jae Ha’s elusive charm.

Director: Kim Tae Yong [김태용]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Drama; Romance; School; Thriller;

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