Meet in Youth Love in Foods

Meet in Youth Love in Foods

Other name: 像我们一样年轻 废柴人生 像我們一樣年輕 廢柴人生 Xiang Wo Men Yi Yang Nian Qing Fei Chai Ren Sheng Jeung Ngo Mun Yat Yeung Nin Heng Fai Chaai Yan Saang


A story revolving around an artist and a chef courageously going after their dreams no matter what obstacles they face. They get caught in a family dispute over inheritance.

Gao Xing is a talented artist who sells his drawings online. His parents are billionaires, but he has never been swayed by their fortune as he focuses on honing his craft. Yang Xiao Rou is a genius at cooking. The two people of different backgrounds and personalities become embroiled in the power struggles within the Gao Family as they start on a road of establishing a first-rate restaurant.

Director: Xie Ze [谢泽]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Food; Youth;

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