Maid's Revenge (2022)

Maid's Revenge (2022)

Other name: 千金丫环 千金丫環 兩個星願系列 两个星愿系列 Qian Jin Ya Huan Lady or Servant Maid’s Revenge Месть служанки


In a single night, Dong Ting Yao's entire family were wiped out in a massacre. Right before her father died, he told her to seek refuge at her unseen fiance, Fang Yu Ze's home. At the same time, Fang Yu Ze's uncle, Fang Tian Yi, the governor and warlord of the territory, stormed through the doors of the house with his troops, leading Dong Ting Yao to believe that it was Fang Tian Yi who murdered her entire family. After a heated altercation, Fang Tian Yi took Dong Ting Yao back to his residence to hold her captive.

Dong Ting Yao, however, escapes from her captivity and makes her way to Fang Yu Ze's home, only to discover that her position as fiancee has been supplanted by her half-sister, Dong Yan Er. Upon also realising that Fang Tian Yi is the head of Fang Yu Ze's household, she then passes herself off as a maidservant in the Fang household in order to try and take revenge on Fang Tian Yi, and at the same time, restore her rightful position as Fang Yu Ze's fiancee. Unfortunately, Fang Tian Yi has other ideas.

Original Network: Youku;

Director: Lin Qing [林青]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Historical; Mystery; Revenge; Romance; Web Series;

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