Machi Isha Jumbo!! (2013)

Machi Isha Jumbo!! (2013)

Other name: 町医者ジャンボ!! まちいしゃジャンボ!! 도시의자 점보 !! 鎮醫人珍寶!! Machiisha Jumbo!! Village Doctor Jumbo!! Town Doctor Jumbo!!


Based on the same-titled manga, this drama is set in the town of Minatocho.

Baba Hospital, the local clinic in a small port town, is closed for business. The clinic’s director Baba Kohei suddenly died and his only daughter Asuka, a nurse of one year, has been desperately searching around for a doctor to be his successor. Then Tsuruta Masayoshi, nicknamed Jumbo, suddenly shows up at Baba Hospital with an emergency patient in tow. He used to work with Asuka’s father at the hospital but left town because of some trouble 12 years ago. Although he saves the patient with admirable skill, he is not the fine young man he used to be but has transformed into a greedy, brutish and arrogant person. Furthermore, he is here with Baba’s IOU for the 100 million yen he loaned as well as deed to the land and property. To Asuka’s shock, Jumbo declares that the clinic is now his, and settles into the position of clinic director on this pretext. Asuka, who adored him in the past, is stunned by the complete change in his behaviour now that they are reunited after 12 years as well as resents his high-handedness. Although they are at odds with each other, Asuka gradually sees with her own eyes that Jumbo is a genuine doctor who not only considers a patient’s position more than anyone else, but also diagnoses difficult-to-treat illnesses that other doctors do not notice. Howevever, what is his true motive for coming back to this town?

Adapted from the manga series "Machiisha Jumbo!!" (町医者ジャンボ!!) by Koshino Ryou (こしのりょう).

Original Network: NTV;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Drama; Manga; Medical;

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