Love, Just Come (2017)

Love, Just Come (2017)

Other name: 愛,来的剛好 爱, 来的刚好 爱,来的刚好 爱,来得刚好 爱来得刚好 心香女人 А вот и любовь Ai Lai De Gang Hao Ai, Lai De Gang Hao Xin Xiang Nuren Perfume Woman


How far can a perfect sense of smell take you? Mu Qing Ling (Jiang Kai Tong) grew up in an orphanage but remains cheerful and optimistic about her future. She has a perfect sense of smell and wants to create her own perfume line. She hopes that by achieving success, she can give back to the orphanage and become a productive member of society. With the help of Duan Tian Lang (Han Dong), Ding Hai (Li Wei) and Duan Xue Qing (Crystal Zhang), can Qing Ling achieve her dream despite many obstacles? “Love, Just Come” is a 2017 Chinese drama series directed by Wang Lian Ping.

Original Network: JSTV;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Amnesia; Betrayal; Business; Drama; Family; Friendship; melodrama; Romance;

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