Love is So Beautiful (2016)

Love is So Beautiful (2016)

Other name: 恋爱真美 永远恋爱真美 永遠戀愛真美 戀愛真美 Forever Love For Everyone Любовь так прекрасна


Xia Libin, an auto mechanic, is forced by his future mother-in-law to buy a house before he can get married. Bai Ping and his love interest Wei Lan from the same company plan to get married secretly, so they plan to buy a two-bedroom house in partnership with Xia Libin and pay off the mortgage together. The young pair have been in love for two years, but because the company does not allow love, they had to carry on a long-lasting underground relationship. They also did not let their family know because of circumstances and conflicts ensued and escalated.

Xu Zilin, a reporter for an entertainment newspaper, is promoted by the editor-in-chief to the position of editor-in-chief of a column that is critical of men after an occasional guest appearance on a dating show. Her radical views lead Xia Libin to have problems with his mother-in-law, and Xia Libin wants to take revenge against Xu Zilin, but in the process, the happy couple comes together. Although a variety of conflicts, pressure and changes, the four young people begin to understand each other, and gradually grow towards maturity.

(Source: Douban)

Episodes: 36

Duration: 45 min.

Ratings: 7.6

Original Network: Shenzhen TV;

Director: An Jian [安建] and Cui Liang [崔亮]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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