Love at Second Sight (2023) (Jun)

Love at Second Sight (2023) (Jun)

Other name: 落笔皆是想见你 落筆皆是想見你 Luo Bi Jie Shi Xiang Jian Ni


Si Ning, in an unknown way, finds herself in a script she wrote for a writing contest. The last thing she remembers, is that she wanted to make final touches to it, including cutting out the romantic plot, because she didn't know how to lead it, because she had never been in love herself. Now, trapped in her own work, the girl not only has to find herself in the realities of the Republican Era, but also she meets characters who are a reflection of those from her real life.

One of them is Xiao Mo Ya, who forced her to change the script and who in the new version of it, becomes the object of her affection.

(Source: Baike)

Original Network: Tencent Video;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Fantasy; Historical; Romance; Web Series;

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