Love and Ambition (2006)

Love and Ambition (2006)

Other name: 사랑과 야망 愛と野望 愛情與野望 Love & Ambition


Park Tae-joon is an intelligent law student and a filial son to his parents who runs a mill. His has a younger brother, Tae-soo not quite as academic still quite smart and a known brat in town, and a younger sister, the kind and gentle hearted Sun-hee. From the same town as Tae-Joon, Kim Mi-ja, his love interest is sick and tired of living in poverty and desires to leave their small town for a better life. One day after their father’s death, the family learns that they will lose their home as a pledge due to an assurance their father has made before his death.

From the poverty stricken post war era of the 1950s to the modern times of Korea, this TV-series follows a family and the surrounding characters who rode the drastic changes with passion.

Original Network: SBS;

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Drama; Family; melodrama; Romance;

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