Kuroneko, Tokidoki Hanaya (2013)

Kuroneko, Tokidoki Hanaya (2013)

Other name: 黒猫、ときどき花屋 Kuroneko Tokidoki Hanaya Black Cat, Sometimes Flower Shop


When Kiyoka Hinata (Airi Taira) was a university student, she met instructor Koki and they eventually married. One year ago, her husband Koki died in an accident. After her husband's death, Kiyoka stays home and never leaves.

One day, Kiyoka's father-in-law becomes hospitalized. Kiyoka must now run her father-in-law's small flower shop "Cat's Whiskers". The flower shop also has a cafe.

At the flower shop, there's a black cat named "Kumi-chan" which possesses her late husband's spirit. There's also part time employee Takumi (Kento Hayashi) who has a crush on Kiyoka. A strange love triangle takes place between Kiyoka, the black cat "Kumi-chan" and Takumi. Meanwhile, most of the customers come to the shop to solve their problems by talking to black cat "Kumi-chan".

Director: Amemiya Nozomi [雨宮望]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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