Kinou Nani Tabeta? (2019)

Kinou Nani Tabeta? (2019)

Other name: きのう何食べた? 어제 뭐 먹었어? 昨日的美食 What Did You Eat Yesterday? เมื่อวานเจ๊ทานอะไร?


Kakei Shiro is a 45-year-old attorney who works for a small law firm and lives with his lover, Yabuki Kenji, a hairdresser.

Kakei Shiro's regular routine is that after work, he buys groceries at a mart, which has discounted prices and does not go over a certain budget. Afterwards, he goes home and makes dinner, which usually includes rice, soup and three side dishes. When dinner is about ready, Yabuki Kenji comes home from work. While they eat, the two men talk about pretty much everything.

One day, when Kakei Shiro and Yabuki Kenji are out in public, Kenji's customer comes up to them and asks, "Is he your boyfriend who is a lawyer?" Kakei Shiro is embarrassed. Unlike Kenji, who is open about his sexual orientation, Shiro does not tell people at his law firm that he is gay.

The series is full of love, friendship, humor, everyday worries and the crumbs of life. Everything in the background is accompanied by delicious Japanese dishes and recipes for their preparation.

(Source: IMDb)

Episodes: 12

Original Network: TV Tokyo;

Director: Katagiri Kenji [片桐健滋] and Nojiri Katsumi [野尻克己]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: BL; Cohabitation; Comedy; Food; LGBTQ+; life; Manga; Romance;

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