Keiji 7-nin Season 9 (2023)

Keiji 7-nin Season 9 (2023)

Other name: 刑事7人 シーズン9 けいじしちにん シーズン9 Keiji Shichinin Shiijun 9 Seven Detectives Season 9 Cop Seven Season 9


The seven detectives are slowly drifting apart as the detective career begins weighing on them, and at the same time, an anonymous individual starts an exposure channel to whistleblow on the police, accusing them of wrongdoing.

(Source: Drama-Otaku)

Episodes: 9

Original Network: TV Asahi;

Director: Hoshino Kazunari [星野和成]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Investigation; Miniseries; Mystery;

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