Jikou Keisatsu Fukkatsu SP

Jikou Keisatsu Fukkatsu SP

Other name: 時効警察・復活スペシャル , Jikou Keisatsu ~ Fukkatsu , Aging Police Resurrection Special


A man who investigates a case that became aging with a “hobby”, Shuichiro Kiriyama (Odagiri Joe) -One day after the legendary man was dispatched to the FBI, he suddenly entered the aging management section of the Sobu police station Came back. Moreover, Kiriyama became interested in the “Urashima Gas Station Fire Case” that occurred 24 years ago. In this incident, a gas station in a lonely port town, Urashima Town, burned down, and then a big explosion occurred, and a severely burned dead body was found in the burnt mark. The police decided at the time that the corpse was holding the buttons and physique of the uniform, and the victim decided with former high school student Koji Sawamura and investigated the possibility of accident, murder, suicide, but the truth was dark It remains covered. At least nine years ago, the murder was aged just a day before it was abolished.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Comedy; Mystery;

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