Iyashi no Otonari-san ni wa Himitsu ga aru (2023)

Iyashi no Otonari-san ni wa Himitsu ga aru (2023)

Other name: 癒やしのお隣さんには秘密がある いやしのおとなりさんにはひみつがある The Neighbor of Healing Has a Secret


Yomogida Fujiko is an office worker with an academic complex. She works hard and becomes a full-time employee at an insurance company, but because of her diligence, she is unable to refuse the work she is asked to do and accepts it with a smile on her face. One day, an elite company employee, Nishina Soma, moves into the room next door. Fujiko is soothed by the time she spends with her very kind and gentlemanly neighbor. But why did Nishina, a supposedly elite man, move into this shabby apartment, and why is he so kind to Fujiko...? It seems that Nishina, who does not speak much, is a stranger to Fujiko...?

Adapted from the manga "Iyashi no Otonari-san ni wa Himitsu ga aru" (癒やしのお隣さんには秘密がある) written by Umezawa Natsuko (梅澤夏子) and illustrated by Shimafuku Rou (嶋伏ろう).

Original Network: NTV;

Director: Nakamae Yuji [中前勇児] and Furumaya Tomoyuki [古厩智之]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Manga; Miniseries; Neighbours; Romance;

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