INGtoogi: The Battle of Internet Trolls

INGtoogi: The Battle of Internet Trolls

Other name: 잉투기 Ingtoogi Ingtugi INGtoogi: The Battle of Surpluses


Tae Shik is a member of the Korean online community. He goes by the user name of “Chitkongpot”. Tae Shik is in a flamewar with another user named “Jutjonseun”. One day, Tae Shik is surprised attacked by "Jutjonseun" in person and gets physically beaten by him. The assault is recorded on video and it quickly spreads on the internet. Tae Shik decides to get revenge on “Jutjonseun”. He begins to take ultimate fighting lessons from his friend Hee Joon. There, Tae Shik meets a girl fighter named Young Ja.

Director: Uhm Tae Hwa [엄태화]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Action;

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