Other name: The Happiest Time of My Life


An ordinary high school student, Min Ah lives with her mother who occasionally acts like a child. Min Ah is a shy girl who does not have a lot of friends. That is why she doesn't enjoy school that much. The only thing that is fun for her is to watch Ki Soo, the boy who works in front of her school controlling traffic. He's a little crazy. Min Ah lives with the hope that someday she will also meet the fateful love of her life, just like the love that Ki Soo once had with an older student from her school.

One day, a new family moves into the villa one floor below Min Ah. It's the family of Young Jae, a college student. Young Jae tries to be overly friendly because they are new neighbours. Min Ah's mother prematurely assumes that Min Ah has a new boyfriend, and Young Jae simply goes along with her. One day, Min Ah falls for one of Young Jae's tricks.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2003

Genre: Drama; melodrama; Romance;

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