Influenza (2024)

Influenza (2024)

Other name: 인플루엔자 Inpeulruenja


"Influenza" is a drama that depicts the process of a soldier, Jae Yoon, and his girlfriend, Yeong Ju, who have just been notified of a breakup, fighting against hordes of zombies and running toward each other, set in an air defense unit in a high-rise building in Seoul.

Jae Yoon enlisted in the military at the late age of 26 while seeking alternative service through employment in the defense industry. Anxious about his future, he becomes obsessed with his girlfriend, eventually breaks up with her, and faces a world turned upside down by hordes of zombies. He was weak and lacked confidence, but as he fought the zombie outbreak, he gradually began to act as the leader of the squad.

Yeong Ju is a rubber rookie who is new to society and is having a hard time with Jae Yoon, who does not understand her feelings before being notified of their breakup. As she sets out to meet her boyfriend, she discovers a zombie outbreak and gradually becomes stronger in the fight for survival.

(Source: Korean = Naver || Translation = Soompi)

~Adapted from the novel "Influenza" (인플루엔자) by Han Sang Woon (한상운).

Episodes: 9

Original Network: Coupang Play;

Director: Yoon Seong Hyeon [윤성현]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Fantasy; Miniseries; Novel; Romance; Survival; Thriller; Web Series; Zombie;

Airs: Dec 31, 2024

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