In Love with Power (2012)

In Love with Power (2012)

Other name: 山河恋·美人无泪 , Mei Ren Wu Lei , 美人无泪 , Shan He Lian - Mei Ren Wu Lei , 清宮美人無淚 , Beauties Without Tears , Ji Mo Kong Ting Chun Yu Wan , Lonely Court in Late Spring


The story takes place during the reign of Hong Taiji, the founder of Qing dynasty. He formed military alliances by marrying the daughters of Mongol and Manchu clans. He first married Jerger of Khorchin Mongols and made her his primary wife. Then, he renewed their alliance by marrying her niece Dayu'er. However, it was Dayu’ers low status half-sister, Harjol, he favored above the rest. His favoritism caused a rift between the women. Dayu'er formed a secret alliance with his brother Dorgon to place her son on the throne over his elder sons and brothers.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Drama; Historical;

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