I’m Not a Robot

I’m Not a Robot

Other name: 로봇이 아니야 Robosi Aniya Roboti Aniya I'm Not a Robot I Am Not a Robot She's Not a Robot


Kim Min Kyu is the largest shareholder of a financial company. He suffers from a "human allergy", preventing him from normal interactions with other people. He becomes interested in a robotic project named Aji-3 created by the Santa Maria robotic team. The team is headed by Hong Baek Gyun, inventor of Aji-3 and world-renowned robotics professor. He modeled Aji-3 after his ex-girlfriend, Jo Ji Ah, a struggling inventor that also works as a personal shopper to make ends meet. Just when Kim Min Kyu wants to test the robot, an accident causes the malfunction of the robot's battery. Hong Baek Gyun begs Jo Ji Ah to take the place of Aji-3 and pretend to be the robot so they can get funding from Kim Min Kyu. But, Aji-3 becomes the closest thing that the lonely Min Kyu has to real contact with another person.

Adapted from the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" written by the French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.

Filming began on 2017-December and finished 2018-January.

Director: Jeong Dae Yoon [정대윤]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Betrayal; Comedy; Drama; Friendship; Robot; Romance; Sci-fi;

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