Ichikei no Karasu Special (2023)

Ichikei no Karasu Special (2023)

Other name: イチケイのカラス スペシャル Ichikei no Karasu Supesharu Ichikei no Karasu SP Ichikei's Crows Special Ichikei's Crows SP


Set in Kumamoto, one year after Iruma Michio was transferred out of “Ichikei”. Whilst Michio is busy vigorously conducting trials at the Kumamoto District Court 2nd Branch, a case of grievous bodily harm arises, revolving around a young man named Suwa Haruto who intervened in a gang fight and is in critical condition. The suspect, Uchida Wataru, pleads guilty to the charges, and on the surface, it appears to be a cut and dry case that will result in a suspended sentence. However, as the investigation proceeds, it becomes clear that Wataru initially denied the charges during his police interrogation. Sensing there is more to the story and doubting the suspects’ guilt, Michio activates his authority and begins his own investigation.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Komazawa Yoshio, the head judge of “Ichikei”, is deliberating over a personal injury case between employees of the large company "Hoshizumi Holdings." The employees belonged to factions of the next company president candidates, and the case resembles a war by proxy. The parties involved, Oyabu Shigeyuki and Shimazu Natsuko only care about ending the trial as quickly as possible, which makes Komazawa even more irritated.

From these two completely unrelated cases, an unexpected connection arises. When things finally come to trial, what dreadful heartbreak and deep darkness is hidden at the center of these cases?

(Source: Japan Program Catalog)

Adapted from the manga "Ichikei no Karasu" (イチケイのカラス) by Asami Rito (浅見理都).

Episodes: 1

Director: Akira Tanaka

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Crime; Criminal; Drama; Investigation; Law; Manga; Mystery;

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