Hot Mom!

Hot Mom!

Other name: 辣媽正傳 辣妈正传 辣妈驾到 La Ma Zheng Zhuan Laat Ma Jing Chuen


26 -year-old Xia Bing had wanted the single life a few years , because of the pregnancy and her boyfriend into the marriage hall . 35 -year-old Li Muzi is XiaBing boss, a young man struggling to work miss the best growth period , that subordinates Xia Binghuai pregnant , had wrong with subordinate relationship becomes more strained. Li Muzi Praying success through scientific means , the people have become moderate a lot, she and Xia Bing also due to common identity mothers become friends

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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