Horror Stories 2

Horror Stories 2

Other name: 무서운 이야기 2 탈출 Mooseowon Iyagi 2 Talchul Museoun Iyagi 2 Jeolbyuk Cliff Sago The Escape Accident Talchool Escape Horror Stories II 444 Scary Stories 2 Scary Stories II


The omnibus film will hold episodes centered around the theme of ′afterlife′:-

"Beginning Story - 444": Department Head Park and new employee Se Young walk into the secret basement storage room to take out old files. Park knows Se Young possesses a freaky talent, which is to communicate with the dead. Park orders Se Young to draw out secrets from cases that are suspected of insurance fraud. At 4:44 AM, when their stories about to end, a dark shadow is cast over them.

"Cliff - Jeolbyuk": Dong Wook and Sung Kyun are stuck on a dizzying cliff, where they can't see the ground. They only have one candy bar. In order to live, one of them has to die.

"Accident - Sago": Ji Eun, Mi Ra, and Sun Joo fail a teacher certification examination. To cheer themselves up, they set out on a road trip. Due to an accident, it soon turns into a nightmare.

"Escape - Talchool": On his first day as a trainee teacher, Byeong Shin is humiliated by his students. He follows a strange story told by his student Tan Hee, who is possessed by black magic. He then becomes locked in the entrance to Hell.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Drama; Horror; Suspense;

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