Himitsu (2010)

Himitsu (2010)

Other name: 秘密 Secret


Naoko and Monami, mother and daughter, are in a bus accident. Naoko dies, but her spirit ends up inhabiting Monami's body. She then returns home to Heisuke, dad, and they try to figure out how to live their lives. Additionally, there is some suspicion surrounding the cause of the accident, which Heisuke investigates.

Based on the 1998 novel "Himitsu" by Higashino Keigo.

Director: Higurashi Ken [日暮謙], Karaki Akihiro [唐木希浩] and Takahashi Nobuyuki [高橋伸之]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Drama; Family; Fantasy; Romance; Suspense;

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