Hibiki (2018)

Hibiki (2018)

Other name: 響 HIBIKI


Hibiki Akui is a sensitive 15-year-old girl from an ordinary family with a penchant for writing. She has grown up in an ordinary family. Her father works as a public officer, her mother a housewife and her older brothers studies at a university.

One day, the literary magazine “Mokuren” receives a manuscript script for Akui's novel “Otogi no Niwa.” The novel is an entry for the magazine's 'Rookie of the Year' Award. However, it does not satisfy the conditions of the award and so is tossed into the office trash bin. Editor Fumi Hanai happens to see the novel in the trash can and takes an interest in it...

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Drama; Friendship; Suspense;

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