Helpless (2012)

Helpless (2012)

Other name: 화차 Hoa-cha Train Help


Mun Ho and Seon Yeong are a couple engaged to be married who pull over at a rest stop on their way to meeting Mun Ho’s parents. When Mun Ho returns to the car with coffee, he finds the car door flung open in the pouring rain with the engine still running – his fiancée is nowhere to be found. Her cell phone is switched off. All that’s left behind is her hair clip on the floor of the restroom.

In a desperate attempt to find his missing fiancée, Mun Ho rushes back to her apartment only to discover that it’s been cleared out. Trying to reach a co-worker or someone with information, he finds her employers don’t even exist. As he delves deeper, Mun Ho begins to realize that the woman he loves is not at all who he thought her to be.

Mun Ho enlists his cousin, former detective, Jong Geun, for help. While initially accepting the job to earn some extra cash, Jong Geun finds that piecing together the shards of this woman’s puzzle produces a horrifying picture.

Based on the novel "Kasha" (All She Was Worth) by Japanese writer Miyabe Miyuki.

Director: Byeon Yeong Joo [변영주]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Drama; Investigation; Mystery; Religion; Suspense;

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