Hello Debate Opponent 2 (2021)

Hello Debate Opponent 2 (2021)

Other name: 你好,对方辩友2 你好对方辩友2 你好对方辩友 2 你好,對方辯友2 你好對方辯友2 你好對方辯友 2 Ni Hao, Dui Fang Bian You 2


In order to manipulate the results of an inter-school debating contest, a group of unscrupulous teachers decides to throw together a motley crew of misfits that they expect to perform dismally in the competition. The rag-tag group comprises the likes of the headstrong Xiao Yu and the rudderless Nan Bei and the teachers are certain this group is destined for failure.

But, against the odds, the team discovers a way to pool their respective skills and somehow manages to become a competent, capable debating unit, ready to take on all-comers in inter-school matchups. However, the scheming school principal realizes that the plot is threatening to backfire – attempting to undermine the new team.

But have the teachers bitten off more than they can chew – and could the young debating rookies prove all the doubters wrong on the most prestigious school debating platform of them all?

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Romance; School; Youth;

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