Heavens Wedding Gown

Heavens Wedding Gown


It was with much difficulty that Ai Qing was able to save enough money and arrive in her dream place, Paris. As a result, she was extremely happy about this.At the same time, Zi Hao is also in Paris receiving an international fashion award, the grand prize. They both got into a big argument at a small artistic shop over a small wooden horse that they both fell in love with.In the end, with the owner's consent, Ai Qing is able to obtain the wooden horse. The accidental meeting at the airport and on the plane, cause the two of them to have an even more unfavorable impression of each other. Both were rejoicing at the fact that after this trip, they would never have to see each other again.However, who would have expected that these two people's destinies are forever intertwined tightly together.

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Genre: comedy; drama; romance;

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