Hatsukoi Loss Time (2019)

Hatsukoi Loss Time (2019)

Other name: 初恋ロスタイム Hatsukoi Rosu Taimu First Love Loss Time Love Stoppage Time


Aspiring university student Aiba Takashi is studying in order to try again for the university examination. One midday time seems to stand still for everyone and everything around him. Moreover, this phenomenon repeats daily. Yet, he is not the only one who is aware of the situation. There is an explanation and there is someone who holds the key to that explanation. Aiba Takashi failed to get into a university and studies to take his entrance exam again, while he isn't really interested in anything particular. One day, at 12:15 PM, time seems to stand still for everyone and everything around him for a whole 1 hour. Takashi then encounters a golden-brown eyed girl, Shinomiya Tokine, who can also move when everything else is stopped. Since then, at 12:15 PM every day, everything stops for 1 hour. During this "loss time", in a world where only two people move, the distance gradually decreases and so as his feelings for her grow.

But Tokine seems to have a big secret, related to this magical phenomenon, and Doctor Issey Asami holds an important key to it.

Director: Kawai Hayato [河合勇人]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Mystery; Novel; Romance;

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