Hatarakazaru Monotachi (2020)

Hatarakazaru Monotachi (2020)

Other name: 働かざる者たち Hatarakazaru Mono Tachi Those Who Do Not Work People Who Don't Work


Hajime works in the I.T. department of a newspaper company. He has worked there for 7 years. He often neglects his work and he is more interested in writing manga. His colleague at the newspaper company is Yutaka. He insists to Hajime that he values life more than his job, but he doesn't look happy to Hajime. Looking at his colleague Yutaka, Hajime suddenly wonders if his life is okay like this or will he become a person who does his job well.

Based on manga "Hatarakazaru Monotachi" by Sarenda Hashimoto.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy;

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