Haru to Ao no Obento Bako (2020)

Haru to Ao no Obento Bako (2020)

Other name: ハルとアオのお弁当箱 ハルとアオのおべんとうばこ 春與蒼的便當盒 Haru to Ao no Obentobako Haru to Ao no Obentoubako The Lunch Box of Haru and Ao Haru and Ao's Lunch Box


Haru works at a university’s library. She is not particular about her meals and is more interested in keeping up with information on her favourite manga through her smartphone. One random day, Haru becomes depressed by the words of pity she hears about herself every day. That night, she heads to her regular drinking spot to soothe her hurt. She gets drunk with an androgynous guy called Ao-kun and they hit it off. The two of them end up living under one roof on impulse. However, the rule for living together is to make lunch boxes for each other?

Adapted from the manga "Haru and Ao's Lunch Box" (ハルとアオのお弁当箱) by Machita (まちた).

Original Network: TV Tokyo;

Director: Kato Ayaka [加藤綾佳]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Cohabitation; Drama; Food; Friendship; Manga;

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