Han Yeo Reum’s Memory

Han Yeo Reum’s Memory

Other name: 드라마페스타 - 한여름의 추억 Hanyeoreumui Chooeok A Midsummer’s Memory Summer days Yeo Reum Drama Festa: Han Yeo Reum's Memory


Han Yeo Reum is a 37-year-old radio scriptwriter. She once thought she was beautiful and charming, but now she feels shabby even in a bright-colored dress. She’s just an old and lonely woman who longs to be loved. She always wants to be loved, but no one loves her.

She had dated several men in the past. There was Hyun Jin in high school, whom she had puppy love with, Ji Woon in university, whom she fought with all the time, Je Hoon, the divorcee at work that didn’t really develop into a relationship, and Hae Joon, the man she loved the most but hurt because of her selfishness.

One day, Hae Joon is invited on a radio show as a guest and at the same time, a weird vibe hand in the air between Yeo Reum and Je Hoon. However, when circumstances seem to be changing, the men hear of Yeo Reum’s death during her vacation in the US. Those who are left each remember their rosy and painful memories with Yeo Reum.

Director: Shim Na Yeon [심나연]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Romance;

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