Hagane no Onna 2

Hagane no Onna 2

Other name: ハガネの女 Season 2 Hagane no Onna Season 2 Hagane no Onna S2 The Woman of Steel Season 2 The Woman of Steel S2


Haga Ineko passed her teacher's exam with the encouragement of the kids in her 4-3 class. Haga is 36-years-old wants to say that she is still single, but her boyfriend and ex-assistant homeroom teacher Wataru Shioda proposes. While Haga looks at the engagement ring given to her by Wataru she feels happiness.

One day, student Tao is transferred to Haga's classroom. Tao's parents were deported from Japan for illegal entry. Even though Tao has a different nationality, Tao is Haga's student and is loved by her, but Tao holds strong resentment against Japan. Marii Kikuta and other classmates clashes with Tao. Hiro Ebita and Airi Nakano attempt to understand Tao. Tao refuses there goodwill and becomes isolated from the other students. A rumor spreads through the school that Tao committed theft. The bullying of Tao by the students become worse. Did Tao really steal? Haga wants to break through the barrier by Tao and connect with her. To do so, Haga visits the previous school where Tao attended and talks to her ex-classmates.

Director: Tsunehiro Jouta [常廣丈太] and Karaki Akihiro [唐木希浩]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Drama; School;

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