Family Man (2002)

Family Man (2002)

Other name: 絕世好爸


The series revolves around Ko Hoi (Paul Chun) and his four daughters whom he regards as complete treasures. Aside from taking care of his daughters after their mother passed away during their adolescent years, Ko Hoi also worries incessantly about the future of their romantic possibilities, love lives, and general happiness. The oldest daughter Wasabi is slightly unreasonable and has a quick temper, constantly arguing with her husband Kit Lo who does not make a lot of money but nonetheless loves Wasabi very much. Second daughter Tracy has been dating boyfriend Ken for several years, and is even working in a company jointly owned by them. Third sister Bobo has extremely high standards for men, is extremely picky and this is why the man by her side constantly changes. Youngest sister Polly is in university, and being pretty and cute, has a whole flock of guys constantly after her. Enter Kelvin and Ming, who are best friends but completely different. Kelvin is a smooth-talker with excellent human relations skills due to his experience as a sales manager. Ming is soft-spoken, earnest, and honest. He is ambitious but unlucky in the career field, only working as a simple office worker. These two young men enter the lives of the Ko women and are bound to change their lives.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2002

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Family; life; Romance;

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