Love in Time (2020)

Love in Time (2020)

Other name: 约定期间爱上你 約定期間愛上你 陆少的暖婚新妻 Yue Ding Qi Jian Ai Shang Ni Falling in Love With You in the Contract Period


Two former enemies from high school whose lives keep intersecting end up in a contract marriage with each other as adults. Xu Jian'an is an unknown author whose family is in a tough spot. To alleviate her situation, she has no choice but to agree to enter into a contract marriage with Lu Boyan. Lu Boyan has become a guru in the world of investments. The two people who have very different temperaments are also at odds due to a childhood misunderstanding, yet they must know learn to live together. Will their time together be sweet or will there be war?

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy; Romance; Web Series;

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