No, Thank You (2020)

No, Thank You (2020)

Other name: 며느라기 Myeoneulagi Myeoneuragi Daughter-in-Law The In-Laws


Is about the various things that occur when an ordinary daughter-in-law enters her in-laws’ household for the first time.

The drama centers around Park Ha Sun’s character, Min Sa Rin. She is an expert at her job, having been an employee at a major corporation for 7 years, but still a rookie at marriage, having only been married for one month. She tries hard to be liked by her in-laws, but encounters unexpected incidents and finds it hard to get along with her new family.

Kwon Yool plays Moo Goo Young, her ordinary husband who is not particularly good nor bad. Although he loves his wife, he gets caught up in the confusion between her and his family. Moon Hee Kyung plays Park Gi Dong, Moo Goo Young’s mother and Min Sa Rin’s mother-in-law. She is described as an extremely realistic mother-in-law.

Original Network: Daum Kakao TV;

Director: Lee Kwang Yeong [이광영]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Family; life; Romance; Web Series;

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