Dangerous Bees (2023)

Dangerous Bees (2023)

Other name: 毒蜂 Du Feng


The new type of drug "Honeybee" is wreaking havoc in the drug market of Jiangzhou. As the creator of the drug, known as "Poison Bee," is captured and brought to justice, the formula for the drug faces disappearance, causing turmoil in the underworld. The protagonist, Duan Cheng, escapes during a transfer and publicly claims to be the "only person who knows the formula for Honeybee." Faced with the huge temptation of the formula resurfacing in the criminal world, various forces start to threaten and entice Duan Cheng.

After experiencing pursuits, inhumane tortures such as being forcibly injected with drugs, Duan Cheng infiltrates the drug nest. Posing as "bait," he gradually gets closer to the big drug lord known as the "Bee King." On the other hand, the Jiangzhou police initiate the "Bee Catcher Operation," leading to an imminent showdown between good and evil, right and wrong...

(Source: Chinese = Douban)

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Action; Crime; Drama;

Airs: Sep 15, 2023

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