Churasan 2 (2003)

Churasan 2 (2003)

Other name: ちゅらさん 2 The Promise of the Chura Sea 2


Ever since they moved to Eri's hometown Kohamajima, Eri and Fumiya have been running a small makeshift health center from their home. Doing so has brought Fumiya and Eri a step closer to their dream of operating a certified local clinic, and fuels Fumiya's desire to pursue further training and perfect his skills in the medical field. Determined to be certified, Fumiya confesses to Eri his plan of moving back to Tokyo to gain the necessary experience. Eri, who holds Kohamajima close to her heart, hesitates with this idea at first, however, agrees to move back to Tokyo with Fumiya. Upon their return to Tokyo, Eri coincidentally discovers new ambition in life; she decides to return to the nursing field and learn about home nursing.

Original Network: NHK;

Director: Motoki Kazuhiro [本木一博]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2003

Genre: Family;

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