CHUANG: House of Girls

CHUANG: House of Girls

Other name: 创造营2020 创3 Chuang Zao Ying 2020 Chuang 3 Chuang 2020 Produce Camp Produce Camp 2020 Produce 101


Produce Camp 2020 is a variety show produced by Tencent Video showing the growth of an energetic and capable girl group. Tao, Luhan, Mao Buyi and Victoria Song will be the coaches of these girls. The program called for 100 students, letting them grow and improve through missions, training and assessments, under the leadership and guidance of the 5 celebrity coaches. In the end 7 students will be chosen to form a group.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Music; Reality Show;

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