Boy Hood 2017

Boy Hood 2017

Other name: 我们的少年时代 我们的十六岁 Our Sixteen Year Old Boyhood


During a game between Ying Hua and Ya Lin, Ying Hua is in low spirits due to a losing streak and in spite of efforts by new student Ban Xiao Song to win a point, they are defeated by Wu Tong from the opposing team. Even so, Ban Xiao Song is determined to keep the team together and fight the threat of disbandment.

Wu Tong ends up transferring to their school and it is up to the boys whether they can work through their issues to become the team that they aspire to be. They rally others along the way, even bringing Yin Ke who has once shunned baseball to the fold.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Drama; Sports; Youth;

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