Blue Hour (2019)

Blue Hour (2019)

Other name: ブルーアワーにぶっ飛ばす ブルーアワー Buru Awa ni Buttobasu Jump Into The Blue Hour Buru Awa L'heure Bleue


Takahata Isao’s animated artistry in Only Yesterday (1991) comes to life in Hakota Yuko’s delicate story of a woman’s mnemonic journey. Trapped in her anemic career and love relationship, a 30-year-old TV commercial director returns to her countryside home in the company of a free-spirited friend. In a bittersweet reunion with an alienated family, her childhood memories of freedom and yearnings creep in the dreamlike blue hour, transcending into a lyricism of self-realization – at once whimsical, agonizing and yet hopeful.

Director: Hakota Yuko [箱田優子]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Family;

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