Blazing Courage

Blazing Courage

Other name: Huo Xian Ren Wu, 火線任務


On the day that Miao Zi Shou is born, Miao Zheng gets the responsibility of holding the water hose or being a “miao zi shou”; Because of an urgent duty call, Miao Zheng, who had accompanied his wife for 30 hours, misses the moment when Ah Shou is born; It is also because of this urgent call that the name of “Miao Zi Shou” is coincidentally given to the child. Due to the fact that the work of being a “miao zi shou” is not a role that the public is well acquainted with, Ah Shou has no idea that his name has such deep ties with firefighting. Until he accidentally participated in a fire fighting operation… Because of this feeling of honor and the coincidence of his name, he changed his original career plan… Miao Zheng sealed away all the past events in his life and has never spoken a word about his wife… Ah Shou, who becomes a firefighter, had no idea that his father used to be an outstanding firefighter in the fire team. Changing his career from being a veterinarian to a firefighter, Ah Shou’s blood flows with the same enthusiasm as his father and it is because of this that he would continuously discover the value and meaning of life in his firefighting work. It is also this work that leads him to the criminal that started the fire that caused the death of his mom!

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Genre: Drama;

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