Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

Other name: 軍官·情人 军官‧情人 Jun Guan Qing Ren


Wang Da Shan is a retired colonel who lives with his four children, Shang Wen, Shang Huan, Shang Hao and Shang Mo. When it comes to educating his children, Da Shan believes in tough love and has always been strict with them; but in his children’s eyes, he’s just an old military captain who doesn’t have any soldiers to order around anymore. Wang Shang Wen is the eldest daughter of the Wang family. Pretty, smart and strong-willed, Da Shan has nothing to worry about except for the fact that she is nearing 30 and still single. Wang Shang Huan, has always been overshadowed by her seemingly perfect sister, but she is sure that she'll be able to marry before her sister does. Shang Huan adopts the thinking that girls should not be afraid to make the first move if they have someone they like, hence when she meets Yang Yu Fan, she is determined to win him over.

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; Family; Romance;

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