Banshaku no Ryuugi (2022)

Banshaku no Ryuugi (2022)

Other name: 晩酌の流儀 ばんしゃくのりゅうぎ1 Banshaku no Ryugi Evening Drink Style Season 1 Evening Drink Style S1 Evening Drink Style 1 The Style of the Evening Drink Season 1 The Style of the Evening Drink S1 The Style of the Evening Drink 1


Izawa Miyuki works as a sales rep for a real estate company. She is well-trusted by the company and the job is a breeze for her. But little does everyone know, she has a hidden passion. She spends all of her time outside of work drinking and thinking about alcohol. Her motto is, “No matter what I activities I do, I’ll make it taste the best!” She takes on various activities like going to the sauna, camping, mountain climbing, and other activities just to get that refreshing taste of alcohol afterwards.

This is the story of one woman’s relentless pursuit of drinking well.

Original Network: TV Tokyo;

Director: Ninomiya Takashi [二宮崇]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Food; Miniseries;

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