Aristocrats (2021)

Aristocrats (2021)

Other name: あのこは貴族 Anoko Wa Kizoku Ano Ko wa Kizoku That Kid Is Noble Tokyo Noble Girl


Hanako Haibara was born and raised in the city of Tokyo. After she gets dumped by her boyfriend, while in her late 20's, she goes on blind dates to find a man to marry.

Miki Tokioka was born in a province. She studied very hard and entered a prestigious university in Tokyo. She experienced difficult financial times, but she now works at an IT company.

Due to a man, Hanako Haibara and Miki Tokioka meet each other.

Adapted from the novel "Ano Ko wa Kizoku" by Mariko Yamauchi.

Director: Sode Yukiko [岨手由貴子]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama; Novel;

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